Who We Are


It all started when...

Our family began our discovery of the Green Lake area some 30 years ago, when we rented a small cabin in the nearby town of Montello, WI. Since then, we have gone from a tiny 2 bedroom cottage on the west side of Green Lake to a tiny 3 bedroom cottage on the east side of the lake to an early 1900 farmhouse in the downtown area to our current home atop the hill of Beyers Cove. 

In the early spring of 2018, Green Lake Lodging & Sport, LLC., was created with simplicity in mind, to offer family and friends a quiet retreat to escape the day to day chaos of our ultra-connected world and to, once again, become one with nature. Our location is convenient to all the activities the surrounding small towns have to offer and we are just a short walk to the beauty and serenity of the refreshing waters of Green Lake. There is fishing, hiking, golfing, biking, swimming, shopping and any water sport one can imagine, from pontooning to paddle boarding, from jetskiing to kayaking, from waterskiing to tubing. Choose your activity or choose to sit on your back deck, read a book and enjoy the silent sounds of your surroundings. 

Please call Gina at 920 481 0163 / 847-571-6636 or email greenlakelodgingandsport@gmail.com if there are any questions.

All are welcome!!